Monday, November 9, 2009

New in town

Ahhh so we are finally homeowners after years of deciding where we wanted to live and so forth. We settled into a little homestead in Bowmanstown, Pa across the street from great friends and a population of 800!! Our home is 1300 sq ft half double with about .13 acre. Not much but its a great place to hang your hat at the end of a hard day. We have a beautiful farmstyle kitchen that Im extremely territorial of because its what I've always wanted. The house smells of pumpkin spice and makes me want to run out to antique stores to furnish it.

So first things first. We took down the pool and put up garden beds!! Who needs a pool anyway?My 2 almost 3 yr old can use her plastic pool to throw her rocks in (besides she's rather be helping us in the garden). Next, up went the compost piles and demensions for our wooden fence that will protect our little homestead from intruders (trust me, we've had them).

My husband Zach sold his subaru for a 89' 4x4 Ranger. Best 1000.00 bucks we spent since moving in!! It does its job and then some. As for me (Shellee), Im looking forward to the next few years on our first homestead. I look forward to the garden veggies, our greenhouse going up in spring, fruit trees, and campfires where that pool once stood. I look forward to us sweating in the summer pulling weeds, washing clothes and lugging them to the washline to dry, and new motivations to keep us moving forward. Homesteading may be living the simple life, but its far from that....its so much more than that. Its hard work and dirty hands, its staying up till midnight on a second job so you can quit the first one that you hate, its learning from mistakes but you pick yourself up and you keep going, its fullfilling your life with your faith and your family. After all you only get one chance to get it right.......

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