Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All your ducks in a row...

Or geese that is.....
So this past week we "goosesat" for a friend of ours. Madeline (our daughter) loved having them in the house. We got to feed them and give them water (fun and amazing things for a 2 yr old). It was amazing to see how quickly they grew where they didnt fit into their box they arrived in. On Sunday, it was time for them to return back to Vermont to Cold Antler Farm. Jenna, their owner, came back to some issues on her farm and ended up having to give up some of her animals (geese included). This made me think of always making sure you have all your ducks in a row. You always have to have a plan. When you farm or homestead I have learned that you need to always have a game plan (not that it always works out the way you want). It keeps you driven, and it helps you to focus on the future and your long term goals. Without plans, its like we just keep walking in a circle.
Even if it involves taking a risk and taking you out of your comfort zone....a plan is a must and stick to it.

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