Friday, December 11, 2009

Que Sera Sera.....

So our week here at the homestead has come to a close. This week has had its challenges from a screaming unruly almost 3 year old, to dogs with cabin fever due to the extreme cold (Maggie our newest addition to the family was shivering outside as Madeline and I were sledding), feeling like I'm rushing around to get things done by Christmas, and of course those holiday (Merry Freakin Christmas) people who will run you over with their cars just to get a closer spot (I never understood that). We have made some changes to the house. Zach built a table for our basement which is going to grow us some indoor lettuce spinach, etc with use of an indoor light. We took all the toys up from the house, with exception to learning tools (crafty things, dress-up, puzzles) and we are going to start a rotation. I have done this Madeline's whole life because she has so many toys, but I am taking pictures of all her toys in their bins and then putting the pics in a photo album and in the beginning of the week she will get to choose which toy she would like for the week. Its a great way to learn words by sight by introducing the word at the bottom of the picture. We have also started our homeschooling. I am not approaching it as "school" but focusing on more projects about certain topics I think Madeline would enjoy.
But I think the biggest change in our home is he did it.....he followed his heart of something he has always wanted to do understanding the risks, but knowing it will be better for him and his family down the road....Zach put in his 2 weeks. He has been waiting till this day for the freedom knowing he only has 2 weeks to work at a job that goes against what he believes in. I already see a difference in him and he has only been home a few hours. The lesson we are learning in life is to trust God. We have seen way too many things happen in our lives that we couldn't explain any other reason. Second, you will never know what you are made of until you take the leap, the risk, and jump. Third, Its always good to have money saved because it really helps out with number 2!!
So although some may find it strange and crazy to just up and leave a job that pays well to pursue your own business with a family, I admire my husbands strength for standing up for his beliefs and leading our family the right way.
"Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see, Que Sera Sera".


  1. Hello. I came across your blog from coldantlerfarm. . . I just wanted to wish you the best in the coming year. What a courageous thing your husband is doing (and you too!). I wish you the best. My husband and I have left family and friends for three years to live in the Middle East--for a job my husband loves and an opportunity to save money so we can come home and buy our five acres of freedom! I too value a home-made life, which isn't easy where we are living now, but we have each other and that is what is most important.

  2. Thanks Lorna,
    We did a lot of thinking about it and feel its the best thing for our family. Its nice to see you were in a similar situation and it worked for you. We are understanding that we may fall on our faces every now and again, but we want a farm so that keeps us trying. Jenna is a dear friend of ours and I have watched her grow up (her sister is my best friend). Im so excited for this new chapter in her life.
    Best of luck to you and your family in 2010 too!!!