Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Homeschool or not to Homeschool.....

So we have spent the last few weeks as a family deciding Madeline's future. I have always had strong feelings in homeschooling her and so once Zach was convinced it was full speed ahead!! Our reasons for it are similar to other homeschoolers. We feel she will learn the way she should and really discover great things about learning. Not that public school cannot do the same things, but for us, this is the route to go.
We are a very close family and we intend to stay that way. Besides in my mind, I didnt go months of pregnancy, hours of labor, a c-section, and breastfeeding until she was 20 months with MANY sleepless night in between for someone else to teach her. With her home, we can really see what she is learning and build from there. We can introduce her to things she would never see in a classroom.
Right now my daughter is in the comfort of her family making a snowman out of tissue paper and gluing it on to paper. She is working on fine motor skills and learning about how much glue she would need to cover her project. Then we are headed outside because they are calling for 2 1/2inches of snow where she can futher learn about snow. What a great way to learn about snow and actually enjoy it too!!!


  1. Hello, I just followed a link from Cold Antler and found your blog.
    I just wanted to say that every home-schooled child I've met has been remarkably well-adjusted, intelligent, mature, and respectful.
    Best of luck!

  2. Thank you!! We are very excited to homeschool!! It's nice finding people who understand our reasons why and who support us. Mostly, thank you for supporting Jenna and her blog. She is a good friend and needs great people supporting her!!