Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vintage Appliances Review

I have so many reasons why I love vintage. I love it because its broken in, made well, works well with making everything from scratch, and most importantly, has a history.

Before I realized that living a simple life was what I truly needed in my life, I would go out and buy expensive new things and watch them fall apart so quickly. It kind of mimic'd my life. I thought "buying" my life is what I needed. I needed high fashion jeans, 4 in heels (I wince just thinking after being a mom for 3 years), purses, you name it. It didn't make any sense to why I was so miserable. Until one day my husband and I decided to grow some things at our apartment in pots. And it wasn't until I discovered cloth diapering that their is a better and more cost effective way. How blind was I? And wow did the light bulb shine bright on top of my head when I realized that living simple could really work.

I believe God gives you lessons in life. You may not understand them but it happens and its not until down the road that you say "ah ha, now I get it"!! I believe all the tough times in my life brought me to here. My husbands food allergies that caused me to make things from scratch, my strong desire to own a sewing machine ( I seriously at the time had no idea where that was coming from), looking for alternatives ever since I was younger for medicine, and list goes on.

So this is my first review of a vintage item. This is a hand mixer with a green wooden handle. It was made in the 40's or 50's. I love it because even my daughter can use it and its uses no electricity. I laso love it for my first few cups of flour when I'm making bread (shown here) because the bread is fluffier. You have to wash it by hand when you're done but it is so worth it.

Ahh vintage.....just makes life that more sweet.

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  1. I love it! So much of what is in my house is used or "antique" and my son Brian asked me, "what's an antique?" I simply said it's something that isn't made anymore and usually a one of kind. I was laid off last year and it has been such a blessing for me. I homeschool my sons and am planning a garden next month and chickens soon after. Of course, this will all be included in their curriculum! I can't imaging putting them back in school. We are such a close family as a result. Thank you for following me and now...I'm going to try and find a manual beater for my kitchen. I'm a bit jealous! Take care, I look forward to reading more about your adventures.
    Happy New Year!