Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegetarian and Chickens

Busy week on the homestead this week. We had beautiful weather for January, so we were able to get a lot done outside. On Wed we went to the Farm Show. We enjoyed it, however, it was crazy busy. I forgot that school groups would be going. We ended up buying some stone ground buckwheat flour (which I made homemade pizza with...yum), and roasted corn meal (made polenta for the first time...not too bad). The people who grind all the flour are out of Burnt Cabins, Pa. They were super nice and very helpful. We also picked up organic kidney beans to plant for our garden this year. Which speaking of, we have decided on roma tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, kidney beans, lettuce, spinach, carrots, and yes, chickens!! Zach came up with a plan to make our shed a chicken coop and build an area around that just for them. Since we are putting up a 6 foot fence the neighbors won't be bothered, and well they won't use our property like its community. We are off sq ft for having chickens but we asked in town and the ordinances are not enforced. Which makes sense as to why the neighbors down the way can have a landfill for a yard. So we have decided that because we keep our property clean and keep up with it, we are going to try to see about the chickens. The worst that will happen is make us get rid of them, and then we will take them to the farm up the way. We can always use that area for more rabbit space.
So we have also decided to follow a vegetarian diet (this all comes after we just went to the farm and got more meat)!! We will finish up what we have but all of us have been feeling better and healthier so we are sticking with it. Its not that we don't love meat (the farm meat is all organic grass fed, free range) so thats not the reason. It's just what we want to do. Madeline is following a vegan diet because she has UTI's and since her vegan diet she has been UTI free.
Well the lentil soup is done and my family is hungry so its dinner time here at the Snyder's.
Have a good Sunday :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wishing and Hoping

So we need 5,000 more sq ft to have chickens. We would go to the borough to ask if we could have them, but the council woman lives right behind and and well, lets just say she is not the nicest of people and always says no. So, I feel maybe its God saying its not the right time. However, this spring will be our first big homeschooling project. We are going to raise Angora rabbits. We defintely have enough land for that and its something we can learn a lot from. They will be a nice addition to the homestead. Im in search of any ideas, books, etc that will help us along our journey that may have helped you or someone you know.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Farm Show

I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. Eager to fall asleep and wake up to a tree with presents. My present is the Farm Show in Harrisburg,Pa. My husband and I went with some friends last year for the first time. Since our anniversary is on Jan 7, we enjoy this as our gift to one another.

The show runs from the 9-16th this year. We missed a lot last year going with a group of people so we are excited to do it solo meaning just our family. They have everything you can possibly imagine....and more!!

This year we are getting ideas of things to grow in our area. I'm excited to see the Angora Rabbits because I would like to start learning how to raise and breed them. Plus Madeline gets so much out of it too. She can learn all about the different animals and see them up close. They have an area for small kids to play and "pick" veggies and play "market". They can play in corn, get pictures taken, ride a carousel (her favorite), plant, and more.

For homesteaders and upcoming farmers, this is an exciting place for us. We fit in and we belong. We don't have to spend any money to go, and our daughter learns so much (us too)!! The possibilities are endless!!

Check it out and see!!