Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Again???

I know, I know when I say this because I live in PA.....I hate snow. I mean it was beautiful the first two time, but now its delaying things we need to get ready for spring. Outside sits the place where the greenhouse should at least be somewhat done. We have our seeds resting quietly on top of our fridge. I have 40 packages to take to the post office today. Thank goodness we have one right in town and 2 mins down the road. Zach woke up really sick so I am pumping him full of collodial silver and making him rest. He has asthma, and weather and him being sick=trips to the hospital if he's not careful, and they want 12-18 inches.

All is well with ebay. It takes time to get a business up and running but Zach is doing a great job. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.
I visited a new church the other day. I have to say I finally feel comfortable in it!! I have been longing to find a church similar to the one I went to growing up, and I think this is it!!
Well, I must get dressed and head out into the blizzard.....if it is snowing where you live, stay safe....and even if its not...
God Bless

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The total was 18inches. It was simply beautiful. Madeline and I were playing in the snow most of the day yesterday. She has never seen so much snow in her 3 years of life so it was exciting to see her attempt a snow angel!!

Maggie our lab mix broke her leash to get after the plower. I thought it was funny because here is a dog in a red sweater acting all tough. Miles (our Beagle with a "weight problem") just stood there like a was his only defense (I love a Christmas story)!!

Zach got a lot of work done yesterday...probably because we were outside so much. I made bagels for this morning and stew for dinner/lunch.

Well, Im off to help my husband get our cars out. I hear the humming of the snow plows so its time to venture out into the tundra.....Have a great day folks!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zach's find at one of his auctions. We plan on using them to store beans because they are huge!!! They came with zinc lids that he is selling because we don't need them. Simply beautiful!!

Snow and auctions

Well here it comes. They want 10-20 inches of snow tonight and all day tomorrow. I'm not a fan of snow but it is definitely beautiful as I sip my coffee in the morning.

Zach went to an auction today and got some great stuff to sell (he is selling antiques on ebay- Little_Lovebug_Company....check it out!!). I always get excited like a child on Christmas to see what he brings home. I love to think about the story behind it and who it may have belonged to. A part of me feels bad because these possessions belong to someone who is no longer here (not in all cases I know). I see pictures of married couples thrown in a box that goes for a buck. Or quilts that were pieced together with love and hard work. It makes me happy to know that although we love having things in our home, the memories we create in our heads are what last forever.

Nothing more going on these past few days on the home front. Waiting for the snow, listening to music, waiting for the seeds, waiting for spring.......aaahhhh I love the sound of that!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

When is enough, enough??

My husband and I have been together for 7 1/2 years. In that time we have seen grandparents die, friends move away, hardships of an economy, marriage of friends and of course the birth of our beautiful daughter.

Zach and I too have recently found the Lord. We make this the foundation of our marriage and the way we live our life. I guess it just felt right at the moment we knew we wanted to farm because a lot of time farming and God go hand in hand. This is what makes decisions in our life so much harder.

We have a very strained relationship with his parents. Although I prefer not to into detail (plus it would take me hours), Zach and I have finally said "enough". But leading up to this time has been many arguments between us, morals compromised, and sadness. We have a great marriage and I'm so blessed to have him in my life but dealing with issues with his parents, brings out a lot of negativity in us because they "just do that to people".

So my blog today was: How do you know when enough is enough and its time to walk away? I'm writing this because it has taken us 7 years in the making to answer that, and it has loomed over us for too long. I think for me the turning point was when my daughter became involved. When I felt like she was being used for my in-laws to get what they want, it was time to step back and see what was going on. After much praying (MUCH PRAYING), we feel that the best and safest thing for our family is to not associate with them. I know many families deal with in-law issues and its hard. In a way you feel guilty, but then in another way you feel relieved. I wish things were different, but I accept the things I cannot change.....its taken me years to finally say this. And please know I am not writing this looking for sympathy, for I am not sorry, sad, or even mad at this point. I accept this issue in my life and we choose as a family to remove it before it does further damage.
I hope someone finds to courage to accept the things in their life they cannot change. Its a comfortable place, a familiar place for some. Its a place where you can be yourself and focus on your dreams. Its a place where people do not judge and no one is critical. Its a place I choose to be......and maybe you one day too.

Friday, February 5, 2010


When my husband and I realized we wanted to farm....we wanted our space to live our lifestyle without interruptions. We wanted to help ourselves and rely on each other. How wrong I was.

My friend is trying to buy her first home. It is beautiful, perfect for her, and has 6 acres. She is trying to buy her first farm. She has seen some trouble along the way and its heartbreaking to us because we were there just last year. But no matter what the outcome will be, we know she will prevail. I have watched her community of readers pull together for her and help her in her time of need. Something that she would do in a heartbeat. Jenna has given us her time (which I find most helpful), some farming books, her lively spirit, and most importantly, her support.

When something thinks they can do it all themselves, we learn we get agitated, overworked, stressed, you name it. A lesson that was hard for me to learn becoming a parent. You need the help to function. The same goes for farming. Whether it be a neighbor stopping by to help fix a pipe or stopping by for coffee to chat about the upcoming season, we need each other. We need that support to show what we are doing is not in vain. We need to see that community stands for a lot more. We need to bring back in our society what we are lacking. Our country is in the "whats in it for me" days and its time to bring it back to the way it once was. Let's help one another, support one another, BELIEVE in once another......because that my friends is what farming is all about.