Friday, February 5, 2010


When my husband and I realized we wanted to farm....we wanted our space to live our lifestyle without interruptions. We wanted to help ourselves and rely on each other. How wrong I was.

My friend is trying to buy her first home. It is beautiful, perfect for her, and has 6 acres. She is trying to buy her first farm. She has seen some trouble along the way and its heartbreaking to us because we were there just last year. But no matter what the outcome will be, we know she will prevail. I have watched her community of readers pull together for her and help her in her time of need. Something that she would do in a heartbeat. Jenna has given us her time (which I find most helpful), some farming books, her lively spirit, and most importantly, her support.

When something thinks they can do it all themselves, we learn we get agitated, overworked, stressed, you name it. A lesson that was hard for me to learn becoming a parent. You need the help to function. The same goes for farming. Whether it be a neighbor stopping by to help fix a pipe or stopping by for coffee to chat about the upcoming season, we need each other. We need that support to show what we are doing is not in vain. We need to see that community stands for a lot more. We need to bring back in our society what we are lacking. Our country is in the "whats in it for me" days and its time to bring it back to the way it once was. Let's help one another, support one another, BELIEVE in once another......because that my friends is what farming is all about.


  1. I got here after reading your comment on CAF and I'm glad I did. :) I enjoyed reading.

  2. I've been busy with the boys and life and haven't kept up with your farm or Jenna's search. I'm sending prayers to you and Jenna. There is nothing more stressful than "not knowing" in any situation. I hope and pray that she finds a slice of earth to call her own. I enjoy your posts!

  3. Thanks Stacey and Cheryl. I too check your blog Cheryl but Im sure with homeschooling it can be hard to write!! Jenna will be fine in time. She wears her heart on her sleeve....she always has, always will. I'm the same way so I understand that it can make things harder in our lives. She is an awesome friend and I (she is my best friends little sister so that how we have known eachother). Thanks for reading my I have another vintage review coming soon :)

  4. Small world! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now after searching out blogs on homesteading--I also follow Jenna's!! What a surprise when I read your post today :) I do wish Jenna the best, she seems to be a pretty determined young woman. And thank you for sharing your stories. They give me hope for my family.