Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow and auctions

Well here it comes. They want 10-20 inches of snow tonight and all day tomorrow. I'm not a fan of snow but it is definitely beautiful as I sip my coffee in the morning.

Zach went to an auction today and got some great stuff to sell (he is selling antiques on ebay- Little_Lovebug_Company....check it out!!). I always get excited like a child on Christmas to see what he brings home. I love to think about the story behind it and who it may have belonged to. A part of me feels bad because these possessions belong to someone who is no longer here (not in all cases I know). I see pictures of married couples thrown in a box that goes for a buck. Or quilts that were pieced together with love and hard work. It makes me happy to know that although we love having things in our home, the memories we create in our heads are what last forever.

Nothing more going on these past few days on the home front. Waiting for the snow, listening to music, waiting for the seeds, waiting for spring.......aaahhhh I love the sound of that!!


  1. if he finds an antique funnel cake funnel let me know!*laugh* thanks

  2. We live in Pa so it shouldn't be a problem!!!! lol