Thursday, February 11, 2010

The total was 18inches. It was simply beautiful. Madeline and I were playing in the snow most of the day yesterday. She has never seen so much snow in her 3 years of life so it was exciting to see her attempt a snow angel!!

Maggie our lab mix broke her leash to get after the plower. I thought it was funny because here is a dog in a red sweater acting all tough. Miles (our Beagle with a "weight problem") just stood there like a was his only defense (I love a Christmas story)!!

Zach got a lot of work done yesterday...probably because we were outside so much. I made bagels for this morning and stew for dinner/lunch.

Well, Im off to help my husband get our cars out. I hear the humming of the snow plows so its time to venture out into the tundra.....Have a great day folks!!!

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