Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm sorry I haven't been writing in the past month. This is our first year with a garden in the ground of a new house so lets just say......we've been busy.
Well, where to start..... We bought seeds and planted the cold weather crops in the ground (peas, turnips, carrots, spinach and onions). The garden beds look great and I think our neighbors are starting to roll their eyes to all we want to plant. We had a neighbor drive past and look at our yard in fear (okay, so it may have been after we had 6 loads of dirt delivered after a heavy But we want to do something with the land God gave us. Don't get me wrong, beautiful landscaping is great and my husband worked landscaping in college, but we want more for our rich soil. It's cost effective, as local and organic as we can get, and it's a great homeschooling project.
So we decided not to get chickens this year. Zach has become a vegan because he has asthma and meat, eggs, and dairy trigger it. Plus if our neighbors hate gardens, I'm sure they will complain over chickens.
My husbands business is doing well. It's not bringing in a ton of money, but we get by and he is HAPPY!!! He is looking for a part-time job so he can be home most of the week for auctions. We love how our family has grown together just in this short time of him being home, and (not that he wasn't), he is even more a hands-on-dad!!
We finally have found a church that we feel comfortable in and share our same beliefs. From the moment we walked in we knew this was our church. We had jumped right in to our new "family" and we are excited to grow with God there.
Our biggest news is we are expecting......RABBITS THAT IS!!!! Jenna our kind friend and farm sister is giving us 2 bucks to start our angora rabbits business. We are traveling up to the new Cold Antler in April to give her much needed manpower for all the things she needs done moving. I think it will be a great experience for all. I told her I'll do the cooking and cleaning and she and Zach can set up outside because well, he has bigger muscles than I!!
Well, sorry this is in rundown for but I have a whining Beagle wanting breakfast (if you have a hound I'm sure you understand). Have a wonderful weekend!! Blessings!!


  1. welcome back .... my name is summer and i am from pennsylvania as well ( an odd name for a pennsylvania resident LOL )..... just wanted to say hi and welcome back and i am happy for your garden .... i have 72 heirloom tomatoe plants sitting right here in front of me and i can see they are thriving very nicely ..... i am also happy you have found a church family !! have a very nice sunday !!

  2. A wonderful kind of busy! So glad to read your update! I chuckled re: "If our neighbors hate gardens...." That speaks volumes, not necessarily happy ones. Congratulations, also, on finding a church home. I know how important finding a home is.

  3. I can't believe it's already April. I don't think we are going to be able to get the chickens until fall. My garden is questionable. The backyard has too many trees and not enough sun! I'm going to try some raised beds in our front yard but am afraid the squirrels will feast instead of us? It sounds like you have a busy life filled many blessings! We are fortunate that my husband has off 4 days a week and with homeschooling our boys we are so much closer for it. I will live vicariously thru you for now. Enjoy Vermont. I'm sending well wishes and prayers north to PA and VT!

  4. I'll be so interested to read more about your husband's asthma and food allergies. I definitely have farm fantasies, but feel disappointed that we would not to be able to enjoy the wheat, dairy, meat or eggs that seem to spell the basics of farm living. It's a comfort to see other "farmers" out there dealing with the same issues. Thanks!