Thursday, August 26, 2010

How does your garden grow??

I figured I better get on her and update you on the Snyder Homestead. Well in a nutshell.....we have planted a ton (this pic doesn't do justice), harvested a ton, have a growing little 3 year old, new baby on the way, homeschooling starts on Tuesday, Zach's antique business picked up and we are also selling at a booth at the The Bus Stop Flea Market in Slatington, Pa. He has added larger items to his list of things to sell and well business keeps the bills paid!!
I have been helping out as much as I can with all the gardening, but I must admit it has been hard because I have been sick with morning sickness. That is coming to an end so its canning time in Sept!!
Our water main broke about a month ago and thank God we brought the bunnies in for some really hot days we had. I had them in the basement and walked past the door to hear a weird hissing sound. I thought something was wrong with them and discovered water pouring into our basement. So they came and hooked up a garden hose to the hydrant outside to our water spout. We had water inside but not outside. We didn't know what we were going to do. I could no longer haul buckets because I was pregnant (we had lost a baby last year and didn't want to chance it), and Zach is sooooo busy with the business I was sure we were going to lose all our food. So we did all we could...we prayed. We let me tell you, every single day we had to rained. When the sky was calling for sun, but we needed to rained. By the grace of God our plants were saved!!!
We plan to visit our dear friend Jenna next year in the spring. We love going up there. It's humbling to us. We have realized from what some would call "wanna be farmer". We have realized her passion for life and her compassion for others. We have realized that farming can be romantic and beautiful as well as hard and dirty. We have realized a "farm" can be a house in a town with neighbors and motorcycles. We have realized that they're are people who are going to criticize what we do, say, or believe, but in the end it is us that need to feel fulfilled. We learned it's about helping each other out and lending a hand where needed. These things to me are commonsense, and also to MANY farmers. My husband has had many a time to sit and talk to the locals who are too old to farm but still do it. I am blessed to my farmer friend Jenna who I have watched grow up become a woman who has followed her dream. Now it's time for us to follow ours.....God bless!!


  1. I was so happy to read Jenna's blog about your homestead progress and love seeing the pictures of your beautiful garden. You have been so busy. Take care of yourselves and I look forward to more blogs.
    Peace and Blessings to You and Yours!

  2. Thanks Cheryl, I saw your post and said to myself " you better get on there!!!". We are so happy with our garden this year. Hope all is well :)

  3. Cheryl, I found your blog thru Cold Antler and I love it! Question for you, when you built your raised beds, did you use a special soil or did you just have soil brought in? My yard looks alot like yours and I would like to put in a bunch of raised beds.

  4. Do you mean me Patsy or Cheryl. If its me (Shellee),We had to have a truck (my hubby's small truck) load of soil brought in, but that did all our garden beds, our tomato area, and corn, oh and also where we grew our cabbage/broccoli. It cost us 28 bucks for the soil. We used some to start our compost too I believe. Thanks for reading the blog. We go way back with Jenna. I rememeber her in high school making soap and selling them in our area!!! She is a true sweetheart :)

  5. Shellee, I did mean you. Excuse the temporary brain fog. Thanks for the info. It is something to aspire to next year.